ISSN 1300 - 1973
Gemi ve Deniz Teknolojisi | GMO Journal Of Ship And Marine Technology GMO SHIPMAR: 24 (212)

Volume: 24  Issue: 212 - 2018

1.Development of an Air Circulating Tank Installed in the Double Bottom of a Ship to Reduce Frictional Resistance
Yoshiho Ikeda
Pages 5 - 19 (22 accesses)

2.Comparative Review of Collision Avoidance Systems in Maritime and Aviation
Hesham Abdushkour, Osman Turan, Evangelos Boulougouris, Rafet Emek Kurt
Pages 20 - 32 (26 accesses)

3.A Trim Optimisation of an Eights Racing Shell using Towing Tank and Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods
Serkan Turkmen, Bekir Sener, Bugra Ugur Yazici, Mehmet Atlar
Pages 33 - 41 (30 accesses)

4.A Study on FLNG and Iceberg Collision Modelling
Serdar Turgut Ince, Ankush Kumar, Jeom Kee Paik
Pages 42 - 52 (19 accesses)

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